Galleria Bokvillanissa Moe Mustafan maalauksia

Kohteita meren alla – Objects under the sea

Galleria Bokvillan – (1.4.2021 – 30.4.2021)

”During the lockdown of Spring 2020, the artist Moe Mustafa found himself constantly under pressure and stress, as we might all have felt the same way during the peak of the Pandemic. So, he started making drawing and illustration of colourful objects, using water colour papers and colour markers. Later on, these drawings became a world of their own, a space where Moe felt safe, heard and seen. These paintings became an escape of everything that caused noise outside of the canvas frame, and just collected his focus and energy into theses floating, undefined objects.

In this exhibition Moe is sharing with you his journey and his interest in Bauhaus and constructivism.

Tiedustelut: m.mustafa0(at)