Flow yoga

29.11.2023 | |

Maanantaisin klo 20.00–21.00

22.1.–22.4.2024 (12 kertaa)
Ohjaaja: Chia-Fang Wu (Ulla)
Tila Kääntöpaikan sali
Hinta 85 €
In this class we will go through useful tips on how to move the physical body & develop strength and mobility consciously and safely in flow yoga.
We will have a proper warm up and move into the flow. By following our breathing rhythm, the transition between asanas is smooth and ongoing, varying from gentle to energetic, and then slowing down to soothing and relaxing.
You will work through the whole body throughout the class, develop muscle strength, release stress, and connect with your breathing and your heart.
You should come in comfortable clothes, socks and a water bottle.


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