KATYA TROI’S Meet & Greet


klo. 15:30-18:30

Kääntöpaikan sali 

Contemporary artist Katya Troi opens her exhibition “Flying through the dream world” and invites everyone to show up for the meet & greet event on 3.09.2022 to introduce her art and share some love to art.

“Flying through the dream world” is series of art works that represent a magical journey of a viewer to different worlds and realities. The ability of one’s imagination should not be limited by standard forms and norms, you can ride a bee or meet a pair of giant cheetahs if you want to, if you are free…

Every guest could take a part in creating a small collective art work for the memory of the exhibition that will be donated to the senior house later, drink tea with sweets and enjoy the conversation together.