Taiteilija Josef Ka:n maksuttomat KA YOGA -tunnit Kääntöpaikalla

Maksuttomat  KA YOGA -joogatunti Kääntöpaikalla 18.10., 3.11. ja 10.11. klo 9–10.30 ja 15.11. klo 11–12.30. Tervetuloa!
KA YOGA is a body related practice based upon traditional hatha yoga seen through the lens of a big artistic experience of a performance and visual artist Josef Ka.
JK started the project in 2019 during the art festival in Italy and continued at various art events in Austria, Finland, Slovakia. Same time KA YOGA has a connection to another project by Josef Ka – PLAYING YOGA / photodocumenting of KA YOGA poses all around the city/. All the participants of KA YOGA could become the part of PLAYING YOGA.
PLEASE BRING comfortable clothes.