Choral Singing Workshop: A Journey on the Railway Train


Starting on the 13th, every Monday in May and June,
Kääantöpaikka invite you to A Train Trip through the music
manifested in a modernist poem written by the
Brazilian poet Manuel Bandeira.

The poem narrates
the author’s memory when he traveled on the old
locomotives present in Brazil in the last century.
Using theatrical games and music, Brazilian singer Nei Zigma facilitates a creation
process that prepares participants to sing in unison the journey proposed by the poem.
Even if each participant does not understand the meaning of the simple words of the
poem, the experience is anchored in choral singing and theatrical gestures, resulting in
a group singing performance. Each participant can feel the words of the poem
manifesting themselves in body movement, a sound that takes us back to the experience
of a train journey in the 1930s.
The Singing Workshop
It is a procedural work with breathing exercises,
resonances and improvisations, which enable the
development of personal awareness and group
creation and interaction.

The Workshop has two stages in the creation process:

1. Opening of the choral singing process by singing the words of
the poem in Portuguese and Translation of the meaning of the
poem into Finnish and pronunciation.

2. Singing Improvement and theatricalization of the meanings of
the words sung in Choral.

Nei Zigma is a Brazilian singer
living in Helsinki and active through
Sociocultural Art-Education
and mainly in musical expression.
Playing at shows with his band or
accompanying himself on guitar, his
musicality engages the public in the
importance of embracing the diversity
of cultural exchange.

Manuel Bandeira
was a Brazilian writer, as well as a
teacher, critic of art and literary
historian. By breaking with the
norms of Parnassian and Symbolist
art schools, he composed the names
of the first generation of modernist
poets in Brazil. His work is full of
poetic lyricism, and as a poet he was
a fan of free verse with verses made
with colloquial language and a lot of
irreverence and creative freedom.
His intimate and lyrical poetry
brought a new perspective, giving
voice to the feelings and
experiences of the common

The Singing Workshop consists of 8 procedural meetings scheduled
to take place over 2 months, every Monday from 7:00 pm – 9:00 pm,
starting on May 13th and ending on July 1st.

 Investment Value: $160

For more information and subscription
write to

Kylätalo Kääantöpaikka

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