Hatha yoga

29.11.2023 | |

Torstaisin klo 20.15–21.15

25.1.–25.4.2024 (12 kertaa)
Ohjaaja: Chia-Fang Wu (Ulla)
Tila Kääntöpaikan sali
Hinta 85 €

Each class will have its own theme, so in a larger time period the focus will be on the hips, standing asanas, backbends, forward bends and inversions (inverted positions). Through awareness raising exercises, working in pairs and assisting each other the aim will be to stabilize the body, as well as to open and strengthen muscle tissue. You will enjoy dynamic sequences as well insights into individual positions. The purpose of the classes is to maximize the functionality of the body, train the presence and establish proper breathing and most of all to enjoy and have fun in exploring and challenging ourselves.

You should come in comfortable clothes, socks and a water bottle.



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