Kääntöpaikan Galleriatilassa lokakuussa: Mandarina Collective

Kääntöpaikan Galleriatilassa lokakuussa aina torstaisin 10-18, Mandarina Collectiven osallistava näyttely ”OPEN END: Yhteisön muotokuva”.

Kääntöpaikka Gallery in October every Thursday 10-18, Mandarina Collective: participatory exhibition ”OPEN END: a community portrait”

What do the neighbourhood inhabitants look like through the eyes of the community itself?

By definition, OPEN END means having no predetermined limits or boundaries, which is exactly the aim of this participatory exhibition. We want to explore all dimensions of “openness” by making Kääntöpaikka Gallery a shared and accessible space where the community has a sense of ownership by manifesting its presence. We will be capturing the community’s heart in a particular moment in time knowing that a community has a constantly changing face, therefore an open end to it.

OPEN END: a community portrait is a growing exhibition where you can portray meaningful members of the community in Arabia and surrounding neighbourhoods. We want to see through your eyes who they are: a family member, your friend from school, a companion animal or even yourself!

Every Thursday in October during the gallery opening hours (10.00-18.00) you and friends or relatives from all ages and backgrounds can drop by Kääntöpaikka and contribute to the exhibition by making a self-portrait or a portrait of a loved one (human or non-human) using the materials available on site for drawing and collage. Your artwork will be straight away part of the exhibition. The exhibition will be organically growing and evolving throughout the month of October thanks to your contributions.

Instead of an exhibition opening we will have a “open-END-ing” event on Thursday 28.10. from 16.00 to 18.00 at Kääntöpaikka. We invite the whole community to come and experience the outcome of this mosaic of portraits created throughout the whole month. What do you think this collective portrait will look like?

About the Artists

MANDARINA Collective

MANDARINA Collective became real in 2020 when Helsinki-based Ana Álvarez Piedehierro (ES), Ina Fiebig (DE) and Ines Montalvao (PT), were selected to perform in a multilingual Children’s Festival.
The collective is passionate about different but also common fields and, in their work together, they combine their knowledge of Science, Illustration and Experience Design with their passion for communication and a cross-disciplinary approach.

Instagram @mandarina.collective